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Cedar wood deck, stairs and railings were built in West Vancouver

Wood Decks 

Building wood decks is a skilled and rewarding endeavor that adds both functional and aesthetic value to outdoor spaces. The choice of wood is a critical decision, with popular options including pressure-treated lumber for durability or hardwoods like cedar or redwood for their natural beauty. The framing structure, composed of beams, joists, and ledger boards, provides the deck's skeletal framework, ensuring stability and load-bearing capacity. Attentive craftsmanship is essential during the installation of decking boards, where proper spacing and fastening techniques contribute to both the deck's longevity and aesthetic appeal. Railings, stairs, and finishing touches complete the project, turning a wooden deck into a functional and inviting outdoor retreat.

Natural Aesthetic

Having a timeless and natural look, contributing to a warm and inviting outdoor space.


Requiring regular maintenance, e.g. staining, sealing, and potential refinishing, to protect against rot, decay, and insects.


Prone to warping, cracking, and splintering, wood decks may have a shorter lifespan compared to composite materials

Initial Cost

More budget-friendly upfront compared to some composite options. The maintenance costs may be higher in the long run. 

Wood deck and wood rails built in Vancouver, BC
Wood deck, wood stairs and wood gazebo were built in West Vancouver BC
Wood decks, wood stairs, wood rails and wood bench were built in West Vancouver BC
Wood deck built and aluminum glass railings installed in Vancouve BC
Wood deck built, wood railing installed and wood-glass patio cover built in Vancouver BC
Wood (cedar) deck, wood railngs  were built in West Vancouver BC
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